• In case you are visiting us from Shin-Osaka or Umeda, take the Midousuji Line subway (Osaka Metro) from Osaka Station in the direction of Tennoji. Get off at Yodoyabashi Station and make your way out through exit No.7. Cross the Yodoyabashi bridge towards the Osaka Branch of the Bank of Japan. Then, you will find the Osaka Nakanoshima Building on the west side of the Bank of Japan.

• If you use the Keihan Railway, take the Nakanoshima Line and get off at Oebashi Station. Use exit No.1 or 2 and you will see our building located just ahead on the left.

Komatsu Law and Patent Office

8th Floor, Osaka Nakanoshima Building
No.2-2, 2-chome, Nakanoshima,
Kita-ku,Osaka 530-0005 Japan

Phone number:
(06)6221-3355 (Reception)
Fax number:(06)6221-3344